The outermost layer of human skin is composed of keratinocytes and contains melanocytes. Its main function is to store water. This layer has a 28-day skin metabolism cycle. However, with the influence of factors such as age and the external environment, the rate of keratin metabolism renewal slows down. The abnormal accumulation of old waste keratin will cause moisture loss and rough skin. When the skin is exposed to excessive sunlight, the melanin in the epidermis will also precipitate, become dull and cause spots.


人體皮膚的最外層由角質形成細胞組成,並含有黑色素細胞。 它的主要功能是蓄水。 這一層有一個 28 天的皮膚新陳代謝週期。 然而,隨著年齡和外界環境等因素的影響,角蛋白代謝更新的速度減慢。 老廢角質的異常堆積會導致水分流失,皮膚粗糙。 當皮膚暴露在過度的陽光下時,表皮中的黑色素也會沉澱,變得暗沉,產生斑點。



It contains collagen and elastic fibers, which can provide support and elasticity for the skin, and secrete nutrients to supply the epidermis. However, when the productivity of fibroblasts decreases, the collagen decreases and the dermis becomes thinner, which will reduce the support of the skin, loss of elasticity and plumpness. If the aforementioned sun exposure penetrates deep into the dermis, it will also cause wrinkles on the skin.


含有膠原蛋白和彈性纖維,可為皮膚提供支撐和彈性,並分泌營養素供應表皮。 然而,當成纖維細胞的生產力下降時,膠原蛋白減少,真皮層變薄,這會降低皮膚的支撐力,失去彈性和澎潤度。 陽光照射深入真皮層,也會導致皮膚出現皺紋。



It’s the innermost layer of skin which compose of fat. When fat is reduced, wrinkles, sunken cheeks, saggy skin appear on the face.


皮膚的最內層,由脂肪組成。 當脂肪減少時,臉上就會出現皺紋、臉頰凹陷、皮膚鬆弛。


How to prevent wrinkles? 如何預防皺紋?

The key to prevent superficial wrinkles is to moisturize, but to prevent deep wrinkles caused by dermal depression, the focus is to keep collagen. We can use anti-aging skin care products or oral collagen supplements. Besides, daily sun protection is essential.


防止表面皺紋的關鍵是保濕,但防止真皮凹陷引起的深層皺紋,重點是保持膠原蛋白。 我們可以使用抗衰老護膚品或口服膠原蛋白補充劑。 此外,日常防曬也是必不可少的。


How to prevent saggy skin? 如何預防鬆弛?

The most common way is to gently massage your skin to make essences to penetrate deep into skin.




How to prevent the formation of dullness? 如何預防暗沉?

Keratin accumulation need to be regularly metabolized. And yellow-brown dullness is caused by glycation, we should pay attention to the intake of sugar. Use sun protection products to avoid the formation of melanin dullness.


角蛋白積累需要定期代謝。 而黃褐色暗沉是糖化引起的,需要注意糖分的攝取。 使用防曬產品,避免黑色素暗沉的形成。


How to prevent spots? 如何預防斑點? 

Ultraviolet rays stimulate melanocytes, so we can use sun protection. As to skincare products, Vitamin C derivatives show brightening results.


紫外線會刺激黑色素細胞,所以我們可以使用防曬品。 至於護膚品,維他命C衍生物可有提亮效果。


How to prevent rough skin? 如何預防粗糙?

The stratum corneum of the skin is like a sponge. When the sponge is full of water, it becomes soft. We must first do a good job of moisturizing, but also regularly remove dead skin cells from face.


皮膚的角質層就像一塊海綿。 當海綿充滿水時,它會變軟。 首先要做好保濕工作,還要定期去除臉上的死皮細胞。


How to prevent pores? 如何預防毛孔粗大?

Clogged pores are the result of dead skin cells getting trapped in the skin. Clogged pores turn into blackheads, whitehead, and acne. The way to prevent pores is to clean your face daily, including regularly clean your makeup brush kit and pillowcase. Use skincare products which contain Salicylic acid as prevention of acne.


毛孔堵塞是死皮細胞被困在皮膚中的結果。 堵塞的毛孔會變成黑頭、白頭和粉刺。 預防毛孔粗大的方法是每天清潔臉部,包括定期清潔化妝刷套件和枕套。 使用含有水楊酸的護膚品預防粉刺。